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Women Building Futures is a trusted voice in the media about women's economic prosperity and women's participation in the construction and maintenance industry. Take a moment to read our most recent news below.

  • "Graham partnership assists women with construction careers"

    by Journal of Commerce by Construct Connect | Aug 01, 2019
    "Women Building Futures (WBF) and Graham Construction have started a three-year project to help women enter the construction industry.

    The partnership begins with the WBF’s Journeywoman Start program, a 17-week multi-trade readiness program that provides students with skills training, safety certification, workplace culture awareness, fitness, financial literacy and academics to prepare them for a job site. Once they’ve graduated from this program and with the support of a WBF Alumni Advisor the graduates earn referrals to WBF industry partners in preparation for their apprenticeships."

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  • " SPONSORED BY LNG CANADA LNG Canada launches unique program to double percentage of women working in skilled trades"

    by Vancouver Sun | Aug 01, 2019
    "The exclusive training provider for the Your Place program is Women Building Futures (WBF), a non-profit organization that delivers customized training for skilled trades. All training will take place at Kitimat Valley Institute (KVI), which increases accessibility to training for Indigenous women and women in northern B.C. The location also introduces participants from other parts of the province to the realities of a fly-in worksite.

    'LNG Canada has made an extraordinary effort to help women to succeed in the trades,” says Jacqueline Andersen, director of stakeholder relations with WBF. “They’ve made it clear that women are both wanted and needed on this project and that if they’re willing to work hard, they will provide them with the encouragement and resources they need to start. Our job is to train women to the pre-apprenticeship stage and provide hands-on skills training. But we also help to develop the skills women need to be confident and successful walking onto the construction job site. That includes safety training and developing the type of attitude and perseverance that will help them to succeed.'

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  • "PSAC launches new scholarship program with Women Building Futures"

    by JWN Energy | Aug 01, 2019
    "The Petroleum Services Association of Canada (PSAC) is using money raised at its annual Working Energy Golf Classic to fund a new three-year scholarship partnership with Women Building Futures. PSAC says that over the course of three years, an $18,000 contribution will be made from PSAC’s Education Fund to WBF’s Student Awards Program.

    This is expected to support 3 to 12 women in their career journey annually.

    The WBF Student Awards Program works to remove barriers faced by students and applicants by supporting the cost of living expenses, books, safety gear and tools."

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  • "LNG Canada training initiative aims to recruit women to work on Kitimat, B.C. megaproject"

    by On-site Magazine | Aug 01, 2019
    "All parties will work together on implementing the new recruitment and training initiative. Meanwhile, non-profit Women Building Futures will take the lead on developing and delivering the training.

    The four-week “Your Place” course for new recruits is open to B.C. women 18 and over from any working background. LNG Canada will pick up the cost of tuition, safety gear and airfare for those flying into Kitimat from elsewhere in the province. Women who have gone through training will be guaranteed entry-level jobs on the construction project, which is expected to require a total workforce of about 7,500 at peak."

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  • "Building a future for women in the community"

    by Stony Plain Reporter | Aug 01, 2019

    "Women Building Futures is paving the way to a better life for local residents.

    WBF is a social purpose organization with the mission of economic prosperity and ending the cycle of poverty for women. They educate and train women through a number of skilled trades programs to get them ready for the workforce.

    Megan Bates, manager of industry relations for the organization brought their annual report to the City of Spruce Grove Council meeting on Tuesday.

    “We know that women in Canada are still making around $36,000 a year working full time hours. We have a lot of work to do there and a lot of it is just getting women into better paying work,” said Bates."

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