Our Team

Executive Team

Carol Moen
President & CEO
Jess Thomson
Director Stakeholder & Government Relations

Shawna Boreen
Director Operations

Jennifer Moroskat
Director Student Services

Minnie Huynh
Director Finance


Kathy Joseph
Executive Assistant
Annette Hagerman
Human Resources Manager
Joy Vonk
Operations Advisor
Angela Young
HSE/Materials Management Advisor

Stakeholder Relations

Zane Hamm
Inclusion Systems Specialist and Work Proud
Kelsey Golas
Stakeholder Advisor
Community and Indigenous Relations

Arlene Twin
Community Indigenous Relations Lead
Delanie Bulldog
Community Relations Advisor

Industry and Alumni Relations

Sheena Nakonechny
Industry Relations Manager
Leah Holler
Grande Prairie Regional Lead
Alyssa Kshyk
Industry Relations Coordinator
Josie Tan
Alumni Advisor
Michelle Jones
Alumni Advisor

Student Services

Carla Lamarche
Career Coach & Facilitator
Susana Vela
Success Coach

Admissions & Enrolment
Tannis Pearson
Admissions & Enrolment Manager
Dolores Patterson
Admissions & Enrolment Advisor
Deanna Skura
Admissions & Enrolment Advisor
Danielle H
Admissions & Enrolment Advisor
Wendy Andrew
Admissions & Enrolment Advisor
Justeen Simbe
Admissions & Enrolment Advisor

Trudy Stevens
Training Manager
Verna Klimack
Program Facilitator, Lead
Elka Brase
Program Facilitator
Lindy Brown
Program Facilitator
Sheila Dyck
LMS Administrator
Jessica Corbo
Student Support Advisor
Mark Wheller
Sr. Programming Specialist
Catherine Dyer
Program Curriculum Developer

Strategic Communications

Heather Markham
Brand & Marketing Manager
Brittany Nugent
Communications Manager
Baillie Scheetz
Communications Strategist

Project Management

Teresa Anderton
Project Manager
Diane Williams-Smith
Project Manager
Kelly Calley
Project Coordinator
Kayla Poitras
Project Coordinator
Katharine Bilodeau
Project Coordinator

Housing & Building Management

Laura Stafford
Facilities Lead
Charles Szaszkiewicz
Facilities Coordinator


Mirjam Brett
Senior Accountant
Kathelyna So

Information Technology & Digital Ecosystem

Patrick Farries
Information Systems Manager
Victoria Powluk
Business & Information Solutions Manager
Vina Reyes
Business Applications Administrator