How to Apply

1) Choose your program & attend an information session to learn more. 

2) Start Your Application:  

Start your program application through our online portal.

3) Complete Assessments: 

·        Career investigation: a report that helps you explore your career of choice

·        Essential skills assessment: will assess your current level of math, science, and reading.

4) Upload Documents: 

You will need to upload various documents to the documents section of your portal account. This may include a resume, certificates, test results, driver’s license/abstract, or career investigation report, as requested by your Admissions Advisor.

5) Interview:

Depending on the program, you may be asked to participate in a brief short list interview in order to gather additional information. Upon the review of all of the documents and information presented to this point, applicants may be asked to book a formal admissions interview. The interview may take place over the phone, via web conference or in person.

6) Drug, Alcohol & Fitness testing: 

Upon selection for an admissions interview, your Admissions Advisor will email you the information needed to book your SureHire testing.  SureHire, is a leader in occupational health and fitness-to-work testing and conducts these tests for us. Testing determines if you’re prepared for the demands of training and the worksite, and helps enhance employability. SureHire offers standardized testing through a series of musculoskeletal assessments, as well as medical, critical strength and mobility testing. They will also perform a full spectrum of drug and alcohol testing. 

7) Final Selection:  

The final selection process for program admission will take place after a comprehensive review of all interviewed applicants has been completed. Decisions are carefully made based on all of the information gathered to determine the students who are considered most ready, willing and able. Upon the offer of a seat in the program, students must formally accept admission prior to program start.

If you are not successful in your application this time, please know that WBF could still be in your future! There are many programs to choose from, and our Advisors are here to help you achieve your goal.