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Women Building Futures is a trusted voice in the media about women's economic prosperity and women's participation in the construction and maintenance industry. Take a moment to read our most recent news below.

  • ECA Member Milestones-Breaking Ground Magazine

    by Edmonton Construction Association | Dec 20, 2018

    In early October, Women Building Futures hosted their first Trade Perspectives Work Proud Summit, a two-day conference focused on how to create and sustain a more diverse and inclusive workforce in the construction and trades industry.

    A common thread of the conference was the difference between inclusivity and diversity. The two terms are often thought of as a pair, but are not often considered for their individual meaning.

    “Diversity is being invited to the party, inclusion is being asked to dance,” said Regina Davis, supply and technical services manager with Imperial, in one breakout session.

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  • Building your future workforce – Truck News

    by Angela Splinter | Oct 31, 2018

    In this article, Angela Splinter of Trucking HR highlights WBF as she shares the importance of diverse recruiting and programming for the trucking industry. “If you’re committed to hiring more women, particularly as drivers, I want to highlight a program called Women Building Futures (WBF). Those who have attended our Women with Drive Leadership summits are likely familiar with WBF, but for those who have not, let’s take a closer look.”

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  • Training Local Women for Local Work – Your McMurray Magazine

    by Your McMurray Magazine | Oct 23, 2018

    Check out this feature in Your McMurray Magazine to get a glimpse into our first regional office in the Regional Municipality of Woof Buffalo (RMWB).

    “Over the last 20 years, WBF has offered training and services through their Training Centre located in downtown Edmonton. WBF is now engaging with local women and organizations right here in the RMWB to make sure we have the workforce needed now and in the future.”

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  • WHAT NOW? Blueprints for work-based learning – Canada West Foundation

    by Janet Lane | Oct 22, 2018

    This article by Canada West Foundation outlines the importance of skills focused programs as training for various groups underrepresented in the workforce. Women Building Futures, along with two other organizations are mentioned as examples.

    “WBF provides wraparound supports, including housing, to women who are unemployed or underemployed and offers pre-apprenticeship and equipment operator training for good quality careers in sectors that haven’t traditionally employed a lot of women.”

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  • More needs to be done to attract women to industry, says WBF Work Proud Summit Panel – Truck News

    by Truck News | Oct 11, 2018

    EDMONTON, Alta. – Alberta Motor Transport Association (AMTA) president Chris Nash believes companies that do not embrace diversity and inclusiveness will soon struggle to find talent.

    “Diversity will bring more ideas and progression,” Nash said during the Women Building Futures Work Proud Summit in Edmonton Oct. 3. “Going forward, it will be less appealing to work for a company that is not diverse.”

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  • You got this! - Western Economic Diversification Canada

    by Western Economic Diversification Canada | Sep 10, 2018
    The pursuit of inclusive participation in the economy requires a change in perspectives and a change in traditional ways of thinking. This belief prompted a small group of women to set up Women Building Futures (WBF) in 1998.

    WBF's goal is to prepare women for careers in industries in which, historically, they have been under-represented. Through skilled trades training and mentorship, WBF works with industry to create programs and career opportunities to help women achieve financial security that can transform their futures.

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  • Training Local Women for Local Work - RoadRunner Magazine

    by Angela Smith | Sep 10, 2018
    Reanne Adobas, a lifelong resident of the Town of Stony Plain, Alberta, knew she wanted a career that would allow her to work in her community. When she heard about the Women Building Futures Operator Readiness Program, with Stony Plain as a sponsor, she decided to apply and was accepted into the program. After four weeks of hard work, she graduated and was hired into a temporary position with the town’s Public Works Department. She then took a permanent position as a Facility Operator.

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  • Building Solutions, Creating Economic Freedom-BuildForce Magazine

    by Angela Smith | Sep 04, 2018
    With a forecasted loss of close to 250,000 skilled workers over the next decade, employers in industry are looking for impactful, meaningful ways to attract and retain new talent.

    Click here to read how WBF believes women are Canada's largest untapped labour resource.
  • Goodfish Lake Partners with Women Building Futures - St. Paul Journal

    by CLARE GAUVREAU | Jul 30, 2018
    Whitefish Lake First Nation created a unique opportunity for indigenous women in the area recently when it provided a construction skills training program at Goodfish Lake last month. Program partners believe the success of this initial program has laid the all important groundwork to expand employment training on the reserve.

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  • A Brighter Future - WBF Professional Class 1 Driver - Truck West

    by Derek Clouthier | Jul 05, 2018
    It didn’t take long for the second graduating class of Women Building Futures’ (WBF) Professional Class 1 Driver program to get noticed. In fact, within one week of completing the course, all 10 students were hired into the industry. 

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  • Wilson loves walking the sky and wants to go higher - Journal of Commerce

    by Lizette Ortegon Rico | Jun 11, 2018
    Cara Wilson became an ironworker thanks to an initiative created by Women Building Futures with Ironworkers Apprenticeship and Training Plan (Local 720 in Edmonton) and the North West Redwater refinery project. Wilson says she knew the ironworker trade was for her after learning more about it and completing a four-week ironworker readiness class.

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  • EcoCity Edmonton Community Sustainability Grant funded our first Electrical and Solar Basics Program

    by Lizette Ortegon Rico | Jun 08, 2018

    We’re pleased to announce that we are recent recipients of the EcoCity Edmonton Community Sustainability Grant.  A big thank you to the City of Edmonton, Alberta Ecotrust Foundation and Edmonton Community Foundation for providing this grant.

    Your support made it possible for us to train women in our first Electrical and Solar Basics Program and graduate 10 women to open the doors to a new future in solar energy.

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  • Trades are a positive career option for women - Alberta Native news

    by Lizette Ortegon Rico | Apr 03, 2018
    The "You Got This" National Awareness Campaign has accomplished much more than awareness that the trades can be a first choice career for women. Conversations are changing, women are realizing their full potential and the industry is taking notice.

    To read the full article, click here.

  • Unharnessed Power - HPAC Magazine

    by Lizette Ortegon Rico | Mar 09, 2018
    During her time at WBF, graduate Chrissy Bell was one of three women in the organization’s Indigenous training program. She has worked for Edmonton, AB-based HVAC and plumbing company Ram Mechanical for three years.

    To read Chrissy's whole story, click here.

  • WBF elated with federal budget gender equality focus - Journal of Commerce

    by Lizette Ortegon Rico | Mar 09, 2018
    “It is definitely a win-win for everyone,” said Kathy Kimpton. “When you make those kinds of commitments through a budget, what you’re doing is making a commitment about change and about economic prosperity for women…their families, their communities and the economy overall.” - Kathy Kimpton, President & CEO of Women Building Futures. 

    To read the full article, click here.

  • She's Got This! - The Well Endowed Podcast

    by Lizette Ortegon Rico | Mar 01, 2018
    JudyLynn Archer, founding President & CEO of WBF, and Kathy Kimpton, current President & CEO of WBF, were guest speakers on The Well Endowed Podcast.

    Learn how Women Building Futures has grown from a grassroots group, to an incredible organization that is changing the face of Alberta’s construction industry and empowering women. 

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    Well Endowed
  • True Grit - Edmonton Community Foundation Blog

    by Lizette Ortegon Rico | Mar 01, 2018

    A new endowment fund is JudyLynn Archer’s latest contribution to her life’s passion – Women Building Futures

    If you want something, it’s up to you to make it happen.”

    For 13 years, that philosophy shaped JudyLynn Archer’s vision as CEO and president of Women Building Futures (WBF), an organization dedicated to helping women find employment in careers where women are under-represented. It is also at the heart of the JudyLynn Archer Endowment Fund that she created at Edmonton Community Foundation (ECF) upon her retirement at the end of 2016, which will help cover tuition and housing costs in perpetuity for students in need. If women are provided with the tools to succeed, she believes, they will make it happen.

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    Photography by Cooper & O’Hara.

  • WBF featured on The Ryan Jespersen Show

    by Lizette Ortegon Rico | Feb 06, 2018

    On February 5, 2018 WBF was on the air with Ryan Jesperson on 630 CHED talking all things WBF! Kathy Kimpton, President and CEO was joined by Tyler Gabert, GM of Willowridge Construction and Cara Wilson, WBF Alumni and Ironworker Apprentice with Local720. The conversation was lively and we talked about our YOU GOT THIS campaign, why we need to talk about a skilled trade as a first option career opportunity for women. Cara shared her empowering story about succeeding as an Ironworker and Tyler spoke about how industry is embracing women as skilled workers on job sites and why this is a good business decision.

    To hear the full interview, click here. 

    ryan jesperson
  • Women in Trades Night in Calgary

    by Lizette Ortegon Rico | Feb 06, 2018

    Join us in Calgary for the Women in Trades night. Enjoy discounted tickets and premium sitting as the Calgary Roughnecks take on the Colorado Mammoths.

    We're honoured to have been chosen to be the recipient of ticket sales for this game as $5 from every ticket will go to the WBF Student Awards Program.

    Get your tickets here.

  • ‘You Got This’ campaign encourages women pursuing careers in trades-Global TV

    by Lizette Ortegon Rico | Feb 05, 2018
    “We’ve got a lot of work to do,” said Jacqueline Andersen, the director of stakeholder relations with the non-profit society. “Women are between four and six per cent of the field-level trades professions. And so, this conversation needs to continue, we need our partners to continue it, we need everyone to share it and we want this conversation to not stop and to be impactful.”

    To see the full article click here.

  • Empowering Women to Pursue a Career in the Trades - Alberta Prime Time CTV

    by Lizette Ortegon Rico | Jan 31, 2018

    Hoping to change the perception of how the trades industry is often represented, a campaign called “You Got This” is empowering women to pursue a career in the trades.

    Ever since the not-for-profit organization, “Women Building Futures” launched the campaign in the fall, applications have drastically increased by 300 per cent with more women applying for the non-traditional workforce.

    Along with the efforts of the team behind the campaign is their success in meaningfully promoting this initiative, as well as provide opportunities into Indigenous audiences.

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