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COVID-19 RESPONSE UPDATE #5: WBF Safety Protocols & Policies

by Brittany Nugent | Aug 07, 2020
To ensure the safety of our students, staff and community, we have carefully implemented a variety of safety protocols & policies.

These protocols & policies include:

  • A mandatory Covid-19 safety orientation for staff & students
  • Limited access to our Edmonton training facility. The building is closed to visitors and only select staff and one class operating at a time
  • Daily self-assessments required for anyone attending the facility. If individual does not pass assessment, they are not granted access to the building
  • Mandatory masks 
  • Hand sanitizing stations placed throughout the facility 
  • Directional signage to maintain physical distancing
  • Rearranged desks and work stations to maintain physical distancing
  • Regular disinfecting of high touch surfaces
Safety continues to be our number one priority during this time.