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What Do Employers Say?

Suncor Energy

“We’ve seen many times how women succeeding in this industry have had a positive effect on the lives of their families and future generations.”

Mark Little
Executive Vice President, 
Oil Sands & In Situ, 
Suncor Energy, 
Fort McMurray, Alberta

Mammoet Canada

“The program has been incredibly widely accepted for what it has to offer and what it brings to Mammeot, to industry as a whole and for the women that participate in the programs. WBF opens up so many doors for the people that want to make change in their lives.

Alberta will continue to be short tradespeople –age/experience gap is growing –no one can fill the gap entirely. WBF’s programs assist in filling the gap with individuals that want to be there. We have seen that the hires from WBF have no preconceived ideas, blend in well and are willing to work for what they get. Anything that adds people with that attitude to industry is a good thing”

Ron Hynes
Mammoet Canada

LIFT Philanthropy Partners

"Women Building Futures has a proven model to train women in construction-related trades and heavy equipment operation, and help them secure meaningful employment. We look forward to supporting WBF in increasing its operational capabilities and helping more women contribute to Canada’s economic prosperity.” 

Bruce Dewar
President and Chief Executive Officer, 
LIFT Philanthropy Partners

City of Edmonton

"I see a big difference when I interview WBF graduates. They are very well prepared, they have confidence, they have a good basic understanding of the trade they want to pursue and they understand the importance of Safety. I've also received very positive  feedback from the Journeyman they have worked with. Words such as: great listener, anticipates my next moves, helpful, a pleasure to work with and when can we get her on as a permanent employee. WBF does a great job in preparing these students.”

Bruce Kobialko,
Maintenance Manager,
City of Edmonton

RAM Mechanical

“I am a huge fan of WBF, we currently have two WBF graduates on our staff. WBF does a great job giving these ladies tools to start their careers in construction.”

Sean Colburne,
Service Manager,
RAM Mechanical

Pagnotta Industries Inc.

“Pagnotta Industries has become more involved with WBF over the past year. It is exciting to see women interested in construction! I have been down to WBF on several occasions now and I am impressed with the facility and level of professionalism and passion the WBF staff have for the work they are doing. It is rewarding to see quality candidates come out of the program with pre-carpentry skills as well as the AIT entrance exam already completed. I am hoping to place some of these candidates within the next two months as the economy heats up. Women bring a lot to the table and I am happy that the construction industry is recognizing that women have the necessary skills upon completion of this program to become a valued members and equal contributors.”

Leanne Randall,
HR Manager,
Pagnotta Industries Inc.

Edmonton Construction Association

“WBF Alumni are working successfully for many of our member companies including: PCL, Whitemud Ironworks, Willowridge Construction, Ram Mechanical, The Fath Group, Ledcor, and more. These companies hire WBF graduates because of the high level of work ethic and safety mindset they have; and because they work productively. For this reason, the ECA recognizes the work that WBF is doing to offer high quality candidates to the construction industry, and there is real value here for our members.”

Jay Summach,
Director of Education and Communications,
Edmonton Construction Association