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Prospective Students

The construction sector includes building and maintaining houses, apartment buildings, schools, office buildings, highways, oil refineries, bridges and more.

The pay can be very good and there are lots of jobs and opportunity for advancement.  But like any career, it’s not for everyone.  Your success in the construction sector will depend on your interest, ambition, skills, physical fitness, health and work ethic.  At the very least, you will need the following attributes:

  • A passion for learning

  • Physically fit

  • Very strong work ethic and personal initiative

  • Positive attitude every day

  • Be prepared to fit into the construction workplace culture

Before making a commitment to a career in this sector, we encourage you to attend an information session and participate in a WBF Career Decision Making Workshop.


By logging into the MY WBF portal you can sign up for information sessions or workshops, explore your career options, apply for programs or courses, access support through the application process and manage your relationship with WBF.

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