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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q's)

  • Q. What is the purpose of the Information Session and Career Decision Making Workshop? Do I have to attend them? Is there a cost?

    The Information Session gives you an opportunity to learn about the variety of Women Building Futures programs, the application process, and ask questions of a Student Recruitment Advisor.

    The Career Decision Making Workshop is intended for those who may be unsure if a career in the trades is right for them. The workshop provides applicants with decision making tools to help determine if this is the right time to make a change, and identify any challenges that lay ahead.

    You do not have to attend an Information Session or Career Decision Making Workshop. Both are optional, although we highly recommend attending them. In our experience women who attend both have a much higher rate of success in applying for our programs and entering their trade of choice.

    You must attend an Information Session before you attend a Career Decision Making Workshop.

    *There is no cost to attend the Information Session or the Career Decision Making Workshop.

  • Q. What if I have no construction experience?

    Experience is not required but is considered an asset. Many of our applicants with little or no experience find great value in volunteering for Habitat for Humanity. You can contact Habitat for Humanity directly for volunteer information. If you have the time, try volunteering for a few consecutive days to get a feel for what it’s like to work with tradespeople and be on a job site.
  • Q. How much do the programs cost? Why aren’t the costs of the programs posted online? Is funding available?

    Program fees vary depending on eligibility for funding and student awards. WBF student advisors will help you explore options.

    The costs of our programs aren’t posted online because each individual circumstance is so different. We don’t want to discourage applicants to explore working in non-traditional occupations or our programs, because of the cost.

    We have a few different funding options to cover the cost of tuition and some living expenses to students who qualify. Our funding advisor works with each accepted student individually to obtain as much funding as possible.

  • Q. Can I take out a student loan to pay for my tuition?

    We are a not for profit organization, not a post-secondary institution. You cannot access student loans to cover the cost of the tuition which is why we have funding options.
  • Q. How do I contact people in my field of interest? How do I find people to interview to complete my funding application?

    The easiest place to start is to network with people you know. Talk to friends and family who are in your field of interest. If you know someone who works in construction but not in the trade you are interested in, chances are they will have contacts or know someone that you can call.

    If you do not know anyone, the easiest thing to do is make a cold call. A cold call is when you call and speak to someone that you don’t know. Use the internet (Google, Monster, and Workopolis etc.) or newspapers (the classifieds section) to find companies in your trade of interest. Do not interview the receptionist or someone working in Human Resources, you will want to talk to someone working in your trade of choice to get a really good idea what that trade involves. Be prepared that the company you call may not be willing, or have anyone available to speak with you. Don’t get discouraged, just call the next company.  Typically with cold calls, the best time to call is first thing in the morning before the start of the workday.

  • Q. Is there guaranteed employment after the program?

    While we do not guarantee employment after the completion of our programs, we do work with each graduate to obtain employment. Our job placement success rate is consistently over 90 per cent. We work with over 300 employers who look forward to hiring our graduates.
  • Q. What is the WBF program environment like?

    WBF programs offer you a supportive, safe environment in which you can build skills, confidence and a belief in the attainability of a non-traditional career. Career development and job coaching services complement our skills training to support graduates so that they can secure and retain their career.
  • Q. What are the qualifications of your instructors?

    All of our skills instructors have their Journeyman ticket in their trade. They have extensive experience on a variety of construction sites as well as instructional experience.
  • Q. I am older, is it too late to pursue this career path?

    There are no age limits in our programs. What is required is your ability to handle the physical and mental demands of the training program and occupation. 
  • Q. I’m not from Edmonton, where will I live while I’m in the program?

    WBF has 42 units of affordable housing for WBF students; 18 of these units are for women with children. WBF staff works with out-of-town students to place them in these units, or to help find other suitable housing to meet their needs while enrolled in the WBF program.


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